Fundraising Campaign: Stay In, Reach out

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Stay in, Reach out. Together we are strong.  Against Corona and Hunger.

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For many people in the Global South, the Corona pandemic is a life-threatening crisis. That’s why we are doing whatever we can and need your support especially now, because there is no lockdown for help and hope.

Each of us is doing a great job by banding together and staying home to keep the community safe. Now is our chance to extend this spirit of the collective good to the global community. Together, we can reach 16.5 million people in some of the most remote and poorest areas around the world to stop the spread of COVID-19 and continue the fight against hunger. We need your support to do this!

While you stay in to protect yourself and your family, you have the opportunity to help. Corona affects us all. But the livelihoods of those who are already suffering from chronic hunger and its consequences are particularly at risk.

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How can you help?

Do you spend less on activities you can’t do at the moment because of the lockdown?

With our “Stay in, Reach out” Campaign, you can help communities in need around the world by donating the equivalent of what you would spend on the things you can’t do such as:

  • Your favourite daily coffee 5€
  • Doing a yoga or other sports class 20€
  • A visit to the museum, zoo or cinema 30€
  • Cooking dinner with friends 50€
  • A daytrip with your family or friends 150 €

Here are some examples of how your donation can help:

  • 5 € – Sewing and distributing three reusable masks
  • 20 € – Conducting a Covid-19 awareness campaign, e.g. on local radio stations
  • 30 € – Installation and maintenance of a „Tippy Tap“ hand washing station
  • 50 € – Conducting a training session, e.g. for local farmers to continue the planting season or for local entrepreneurs to learn about innovative adaptation strategies
  • 150 € – Providing a basic supply of hygiene kits for an entire village community

Yes, I want to Give!

 Where does your donation go?

Together with you, we can rapidly roll out urgent work so people on the village frontlines can act quickly with our network of 500,000 volunteers and community leaders. They help us to combat the spread and impact of COVID-19 in some of the most rural and remote areas of India, Africa, Bangladesh and Latin America. We are working closely with our colleagues in the field and will apply funds to the area of greatest need in The Hunger Project’s work.

The end of the crisis is not yet in sight and our relief efforts continue to support a great number of village communities in their fight against Corona and hunger.

Stay In, Reach Out. Together we are strong. Against Corona and hunger. 

Are you with us? Are you in?

Give Now!


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Updates on our global work on Corona can be found on our global website The Hunger Project.